Product Testing

Who are we looking for?

To validate that our product truly meets a market need we are looking for potential customers to support testing of our prototype coin. Our target customers are crypto traders who use stablecoins as part of their trading strategy;  however, anyone interested in participating is welcome to sign up.

Customers who are selected and have successfully participated in the pilot test will be eligible for 500 Eczodex liquidity tokens that will be awarded if the launch goes ahead. We have set our target sample size of test customers to 100; however, we may increase the number if there is sufficient interest. 

What are we looking to test?

Start-ups typically base their initial product design on a series of assumptions, and this is no different for Eczodex.  

To test our assumptions, we have created a list of test scenarios, to run through during the pilot test. The scenarios cover a variety of simulated market events and our tests are designed to observe trader behaviour in response to these simulations. 

How will the test work?

The test will be carried out within the Ethereum Kovan testnet.  We will send to an ERC-20 compatible wallet of your choice, a selection of  test coins spread across four cryptocurrencies, one of which will be Eczodex. The wallets will start with a dummy value of $10,000.

During the 2-hour test window, testers connected to our Slack channel will receive regular market updates from the test administrators. After each update testers will have time to adjust their portfolio and log the rationale behind their decision by filling in a short survey. 

The test sessions will be held in small groups, and communication will be via text chat. 

What is the Eczodex liquidity token?

The free-floating Eczodex liquidity token provides investors with unlimited upside while offering consistent arbitrage against the Eczodex stablecoin price when it deviates from its peg. The liquidity token supports stablecoin price stability. The 500 tokens will be distributed as pre-launch tokens in the Kovan testnet and thus have no value at that point; however, subject to a successful launch, the tokens will be exchangeable for the market price.

Post Validation:

Provided Eczodex successfully validates its product and launches at Genesis, participating testers, subject to KYC or any other regulatory checks (which may be required), will be able to exchange the Eczodex liquidity test tokens for ‘real’ Eczodex liquidity tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet. 

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