Converting data into tradable assets.

Trading a universe of fundamental data

Eczodex is a DeFi protocol that can create synthetic assets from datapoints, establishing a new universe of assets that can be traded across markets. The protocol provides an ecosystem for both low and high risk traders, getting exposure to assets that were not tradable before. 

Our first synthetic offering will be the ECZ CPI. Its purpose is to shield investors from a loss in purchasing power with respect to future changes in inflation. ECZ CPI appreciates in value in accordance with the inflation index, providing a significant improvement over existing stablecoins.

Objective asset pricing

Liquid synthetics whose pricing is based on objective fundamental data, with no risk of irrational price movements caused by an influencer tweet or 24 hour news.

Self growing protocol

Eczodex CPI grows in line with inflation; the protocol grows its reserves through profits generated across its ecosystem.

New asset class

Eczodex will offer a variety of tokens tracking fundamental data.

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A new ecosystem.
Money Transfer.

ECZ CPI merely scratches the surface of the types of synthetic assets that can be created from data points. For instance, data points as diverse as housing prices in emerging markets, through to corporate ESG scores could be designed to meet a variety of use cases. Eczodex provides synthetics for both high and low risk investors. 

In the long - term, Eczodex aims to establish new capital markets for corporations to raise additional capital on some of their assets such as their Intellectual Property, or their financial EBITDA values.

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