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Self-pricing asset - protection from daily volatility  

Self-pricing assets immune to market sentiment are a useful value add in financial markets. Imagine holding a liquid asset knowing its pricing was based on objective fundamental data, with no risk of irrational price movements caused by an influencer tweet or 24 hour news. Such an asset would be uncorrelated with daily market noise and offer a useful hedge against a temporary market sell-off caused by a news event.

Self-pricing in this context is defined as a protocol that uses a publicly available data point to set a floating peg that can go up or down in value. To regulate its price, the protocol acts as a central bank, supplying liquidity to DEXs and where necessary, through buying or selling its token on the secondary market.

Stable asset pricing

Our prototype is based on fundamental data of a diversified set of established companies. Hence, by referencing fundamentals rather than share prices, Eczodex escapes daily volatility.

Versatility in Application

Eczodex supports multiple use cases such as investments, payments and money transfers. 

Eczodex liquidity  token

The free-floating ECZ token provides investors with unlimited upside while offering consistent arbitrage, ensuring price stability and profitability.

Decentralised Governance

Eczodex investors decide on the coin's future.

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A new ecosystem.
Money Transfer.

Eczodex - derived from the description Economic Zone Index - is a self-pricing algo backed coin. Our prototype is modelled to provide a positive return with low volatility. Eczodex offers an innovative approach to financial instrument pricing - asset prices are based on objective criteria, preventing the market from falling prey to the worst aspects of irrational investor behaviour.

Instead, investors holding Eczodex implicitly sign up to a new social contract, one that is based on an independently quoted price which allows for a fair exchange of value between buyers and sellers, at all times.

Eczodex's disruptive characteristics of stability and growth uniquely positions it as a future leading product for International Money Transfers, Payments and Investments.

Team - Genesis in Cambridge.

Michael Quartey

Michael has over 20 years’ experience as an independent contractor to leading bancassurance organisations such as Lloyds Banking Group, ING and RSA Group. His specific area of expertise is on the back-office software application architecture used to administer with profits life & pension policies. Michael is also a part time managing director of a fast food franchise in London. Michael holds a BSc in Statistics, Operational Research, Economics and French from UCL and he is currently studying for a Masters at Cambridge University.

Lukas Bruell

Lukas has a Law, Data Analytics, and Finance background, being a Masters student at Cambridge, Imperial College, and BPP Law School. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Management with finance at Warwick Business School, including a stay abroad at Renmin Uni, Beijing. Lukas is the Founder of the MergerSight Group, providing a platform for M&A analysis globally. Lukas gained work experience at Deloitte, Oliver Wyman, Credit Suisse, McKinsey, and Latham & Watkins

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